Employee Highlight: Carl Montgomery Celebrates 17th Work Anniversary

Eagle Metalcraft employee Carl Montgomery celebrates his 17th work anniversary.

Carl Montgomery celebrated 17 years working with Eagle Metalcraft on June 17, 2023. With more than 39 years of experience as a machinist, Carl has spent the majority of his career at Eagle Metalcraft. He also spent 11 years at Carrier as a machine operator.

With 17 years under his belt at Eagle Metalcraft, Carl has a unique position of experience and history. He worked with people who helped bring the business into the new era, like his former Supervisor Dave Hamlin, “the nicest guy in the world,” who Carl remembers fondly.

Carl has also experienced the technological shift in the industry’s machinery. When he first started his career, Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machines were just starting to take hold. As Eagle Metalcraft has strived to remain a cutting-edge leader in the industry, the business has invested in state-of-the-art equipment, improving production and efficiency.

While Carl has found the move from manual-based machinery to computerized machinery challenging, he has accepted the challenge and, in doing so, has become a more valuable member of the Eagle Metalcraft team.

“Change is always difficult – you just have to adjust,” he said.

Today, Carl helps onboard new team members by sharing his experience and knowledge. He is a valuable resource for new employees looking for a promising career in sheet metal manufacturing.

“I get a lot of questions from new employees,” he said, adding that he enjoys serving in this capacity. “It’s nice to be looked up to for that reason.”

Above all, Carl said it’s the people he works with that make his position enjoyable, sharing that he has good relationships with his coworkers, and they all get along.

Why Choose Eagle Metalcraft? ‘We Pay Attention and Pride Ourselves on the Final Product’

When asked why someone should choose Eagle Metalcraft over other sheet metal companies, Carl replied with conviction:

“We pay attention to what we are doing and pride ourselves on making a good part,” he said.

Carl noted that quality control is a significant factor in Eagle Metalcraft’s daily operations. “We check parts constantly,” he said, adding he always has someone check his work. This dedication to quality craftsmanship demonstrates how the entire team is committed to delivering durable, high-quality components to customers.

“It’s just evident that Eagle Metalcraft does a better job,” Carl said. “We aim to deliver above and beyond what the customer expects.”

If you’re looking to join a team with this level of commitment to quality, Carl said to “make sure you know what you are doing” and be prepared to train. While every employee receives necessary training, a cornerstone of Eagle Metalcraft’s commitment to quality and growing a skilled, confident workforce, it requires a commitment to learning the trade. “We make it look easy ’cause we’ve been doing it for so long,” Carl said.

Outside of work, Carl enjoys golfing and spending time with his wife and three kids. He and his wife, Linda, recently celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary on June 16 (Happy Anniversary!!). 

About Eagle Metalcraft

Founded in 1953 as Eagle Manufacturing Company, Jack Helmer and his sons developed Eagle Metalcraft into what it is today. In 2022, Michael Bower acquired the company to carry on the legacy of quality work in sheet metal, machining, welding, powder coating, and finishing artwork.

Michael has since made strategic improvements to the company, including achieving Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business certification, which creates more contract opportunities. Additionally, Michael was named the 2023 Veteran Owned Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year for upstate New York.

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