Eagle Metalcraft is your full-service precision metal solution provider, performing the highest quality precision sheet metal fabrication, maximum efficiency CNC machining and turning, superior custom welding and the finest in powder coat, paint finishing and silk screening. We have the skills and expertise to assist you through the entire design process, from prototype improvements to computerized concepts. We carefully work from your drawings and electronic files to make your products more cost effective and aesthetically pleasing.


With superior and hard-to-find expertise in precision sheet metal fabrication using aluminum, Eagle Metalcraft produces your products, including chassis, rack-mount enclosures, panels, brackets and more using lasers, cutting, CNC punching and CNC forming. We give the same attention to quality and precision whether yours is a small or large job, components or complete assemblies, prototypes or full production runs.


Our CNC Machining and Turning goes way beyond just a precise cut. Our in-house programming capabilities and state-of the-art CNC equipment allow us to operate at maximum efficiency so we can meet your production, quality and delivery deadlines. From aluminum plates, extrusions and bars, to steel, stainless, copper, brass, and even plastics, our craftsmanship is evident in every piece we produce.


Spot Welding and TIG/MIG Welding of aluminum are challenging for most companies but with our MIL-certified staff and equipment in-house, we pride ourselves in having unsurpassed expertise in this area.

Powder Coating, Painting and Silk Screening

Our in-house powder coating, painting and silk screening operation boasts Class “A” smooth and textured surfaces with custom color matching, texture and gloss. And we take such painstaking care applying these finishes because we believe: if your product doesn’t look good, you don’t look good. It’s no wonder our powder coating and painting are second to none: we’ve been doing it for over 40 years.

Chem Film / Passivation / Iron Phosphate Coatings

We prepare our products for powder coating and painting  in our tanks in three different ways: Chem Film (aluminum), Passivation (stainless steel) and Iron Phosphate (steel). The end result? Our in-house metal preparation services render products so clean, you may choose to skip the paint job.

Quality Control

The highly-skilled Eagle Metalcraft team averages 20 years of employment but we don’t rest on our laurels. Employees receive ongoing classroom training and mentoring and we abide by lean manufacturing principals so not only is every job of the highest quality but produced in the most efficient manner.

We don’t save product inspection for last – our quality control begins before the time the raw materials arrive on the loading dock. Documented quality control is built into every step and everyone on the Eagle Metalcraft team has QC accountability for their role. From drawing verification to every stage along the way, we conduct rigorous product tests to ensure quality, trouble-free products come packaging time.