Sheet Metal Industry Offers Many Opportunities for Career Growth

Alan Park, Career Growth in Sheet Metal Industry

Employee Highlight: Alan Park Has Taken Advantage of Training Programs

At Eagle Metalcraft, we are thriving because our team members have opportunities to grow professionally in the sheet metal industry. Alan Park is a prime example of this philosophy. With just two years under his belt at Eagle Metalcraft, Alan has found opportunities for career advancements around every corner. 

Previously employed as an M1A1 Tank Crewman in the Marine Corps, Alan had a job opportunity lined up with another company when he decided to apply at Eagle Metalcraft. The next day he got a phone call, and the rest is history.

With a self-described “need to succeed,” Alan has proven his desire to learn more about the sheet metal industry while simultaneously proving himself a valuable asset. He quickly learned the ins and outs of various duties, including the hardware machine, time savers, and bridge port machine. Alan is currently programming and running the press break machine.

Alan Park, technical and digital growth in Sheet Metal Industry

The Sheet Metal Industry’s Digital Revolution

The sheet metal industry has changed significantly in the last several decades. Today’s sheet metal workers require not only the physical ability to run mechanical operations but also a technical skillset to program machinery.

Owned by Veteran Michael Bower, Eagle Metalcraft has focused on implementing cutting-edge technology and offers classes to interested employees.

Alan has taken courses through EMC, including the two-week MER Mech course for programming laser, TRUMPF Software course, and Blueprint Reading l Certification. He is interested in pursuing a Level II Class and an advanced programming course. 

Alan said Eagle Metalcraft is a great place to work, and he is there for the long haul. He raved about his work environment, stating there is a lot of camaraderie among his fellow employees, and everyone “is easy to get along with.” His advice to anyone looking to start a career at Eagle Metalcraft:

“Don’t be afraid to throw yourself out there for a new opportunity like this one because there is so much room for growth. If you’re willing to learn new things, you will advance fast.”

With a new break room, state-of-the-art technology, and a great rapport between all employees, the door is open for your application! If you are interested in a position, please apply on our website and learn more about our company.

About Eagle Metalcraft

Founded in 1953 as Eagle Manufacturing Company, Jack Helmer and his sons developed Eagle Metalcraft into what it is today. In 2022, veteran-owned Bower Industries Inc. acquired the company to carry on the legacy of quality work in sheet metal, machining, welding, powder coating, and finishing artwork.

As the premier sheet metal fabricator, Eagle Metalcraft maintains an “old world craftsmanship” using state-of-the-art capital equipment to improve quality and productivity. Whether you are in the Northeast or anywhere in the United States, we look forward to teaming up with you to produce the highest quality precision metal products – contact us today!