Eagle Metalcraft Receives Veteran Owned Small Business Certification

Eagle Metalcraft receives SD Veteran Owned Small Business Certification

We are excited to announce that Eagle Metalcraft has received Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business certification!

“Being certified as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business is not only a point to be proud of, it also has the potential to serve the military past active service and hopefully add growth to us here at Eagle,” said owner Michael Bower, whose veteran status made this verification possible.

Every year, the federal government awards a portion of contracting dollars to veteran-owned businesses. Certification allows these firms to compete for sole source and set aside contracts across the federal government.

“As a business, the primary value of this designation is it enables us to increase our chances of securing government-type contracts,” Michael said. “I hope it also adds value to our current customers, increasing their ability to compete in government contracts.”

Benefits of Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business Certification

This certification has multiple benefits for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses, including better access to capital and priority for bids on federal and state government contracts. Additionally, the Department of Veterans Affairs sets aside at least 7% of its contract each year for businesses with this certification.

“I am very proud of my military service, and I am as patriotic to our country as one can be,” Michael said. “I love the American dream and have been blessed to participate in it. My hope is this certification allows Eagle Metalcraft to continue being an American Made manufacturer, continuing the tradition Jack Helmer started 70 years ago. Jim Helmer, Jack’s oldest son, entrusted me with his family business and I take that to heart. I am honored to be a part of this team here, and hopefully, this certification puts jobs on our floor and growth in our community.”

About Eagle Metalcraft

Founded in 1953 as Eagle Manufacturing Company, Jack Helmer and his sons developed Eagle Metalcraft into what it is today. In 2022, Michael Bower acquired the company to carry on the legacy of quality work in sheet metal, machining, welding, powder coating, and finishing artwork.

Michael is committed to ensuring Eagle Metalcraft remains a state-of-the-art manufacturer using cutting-edge technology. He is also committed to investing in the company’s staff and providing opportunities for training and advancement. Eagle Metalcraft employs a mix of team members, from employees who have been with the company for decades to new faces eager to continue the company’s transition into the digital age.

As the premier sheet metal fabricator, Eagle Metalcraft maintains an “old world craftsmanship” using state-of-the-art capital equipment to improve quality and productivity. Whether you are in the Northeast or anywhere in the United States, we look forward to teaming up with you to produce the highest quality precision metal products – contact us today!